About us

Avanutri is a manufacturer of equipment for physical and nutritional evaluation that has been operating in the market since 2005. It is formed and managed by health professionals, the company has been expanding and diversifying its area of operation.

Every day, Avanutri seeks to achieve higher levels of satisfaction by investing in innovative technologies for the self-diagnosis and wellness sectors.

Born at Fluminense Federal University - Rio de Janeiro, today she is proud to have her field expanded to more than 21 countries.


To be a company that provides nutrition technology capable of supplying, and providing professionals with effective tools and for their day to day.


The company has as principle to maintain a continuous process of research, and joint action with clients, intending, in this way, to act in a significant way in the development of technologies in the physical evaluation area.


Ethics and responsibility comprise all the activities of the company, constituting two vectors in the conduct of the relations between the company and its employees, clients and suppliers.


Develop technologies capable of providing the client with resources that can help him in the challenges that the 21st century will impose on humanity.


-Respect to the client;
-Technological development with respect to the human being and the quality of life;
- Ethics and respect in interpersonal relationships.