Anthropometric Tape Measure With Cardiac Risk And BMI - 150cm

• Inelastic and malleable fiberglass tape;
• 150 cm in length;
• Disc with BMI calculation and normality reference;
• Visual indication of the risk of Cardiovascular Disease through the abdominal circumference;
• Visual information on the male and female sides of the tape;
• Automatic retraction;
• Tape lock;
• 01 year warranty against manufacturing defects;
• Weight: 90Gr with box;
• Size: circumference of approximately 7.5 cm;
• Color: Base - silver and green;
• Tape - white with risk marking in green, orange and red.

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Equipments for nutritional assessment

Avanutri is a manufacturer of equipment for physical and nutritional evaluation that has been operating in the market since 2005. It is formed and managed by health professionals, the company has been expanding and diversifying its area of operation.


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